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  • Top 10 Tools to Have in Your Car Emergency Tool Kit
    No matter how new your car is or how reliable it is there can be unforseen emergencies that can pop up and require you to fix or repair something on the side of the road. No matter the age of your car we think everyone should have an emergency repair kit in their vehicle. We […]
  • The Most Common Metal Fabrication Types and Techniques
    Metal Fabrication is a large industry and there are many divisions and practices. Most think of metal fabrication as the one type of working metal that they’ve been exposed. Maybe your friend is a ironworker or you have a relative that works on the pipe line? We decided to break down the most common types […]
  • Ten Tips for Keeping Your Car Interior Clean
    In our lifetime we spend a good portion of our days in our cars commuting to work, traveling, running errands, etc. It’s no surprise many of us are a little embarrassed of our messy cars! We decided to put together our top 10 tips for keeping a clean car interior! Wet Wipes- Not only do […]
  • 10 Applications of Sandblasting/What do you Use a Sandblaster For
    Media and Sand Blasting is a really good way to clean large areas and has been a tried and true method but there are many uses that the general public doesn’t realize that you can do with a sand blaster. Below we cover some of the most common uses of a media blaster and what […]
  • Are Touchless Car Washes Bad For Paint?
    In this day and age we’re constantly looking for ways to be more efficient and use technology to make our lives easier. Whether it’s an app on your cellphone, an automated vacuum cleaner, or a automatic, touchless car wash. Touchless car washes allow you to simply sit in your car as it is pulled on […]
  • Our Top Tech Tip for Buffing Paint
    Buffing your paint on your car can be a very rewarding job. Whether you’re bringing tired, old paint back or you’re finishing off a fresh paint job; nothing beats a freshly cleaned and polished paint job. There are a few things that can be tricky when buffing a car yourself and we want to make […]
  • Top Tips for Winterizing Your Car
    Winterizing your car can be a simple task that will be a time saver in the spring when you’re ready to cruise again. We decided to give our top tips you should do at a minimum. Dryer Sheets- It’s a little known fact that small critters don’t like perfumes or odors we consider appealing! Go […]
  • Sanding Body Lines Tech Tip
    The block sanding step of bodywork on your project vehicle is one of the most crucial to getting a straight paint job that doesn’t look like a fun house mirror. We suggest going the extra mile and block standing each step of filler and primer to assure each panel is really straight but there’s a […]
  • Single Stage or Two Stage Air Compressor Which is Better?
    With Eastwood carrying a full line of air compressors we often get phone calls about if a home hobbyist should choose a two stage or single stage and which one is better. This question is hard to answer without knowing your budget or expectations but we figured we could help you answer that question for […]
  • Do I Need a Dedicated Primer Gun?
    Painting a car is a pretty simple concept. You spray a liquid at the car and it sticks. Real simple right? Not really… there’s a lot of tricks to make the process go smoother and turn out nicely. The equipment you use is one of the major portions of the process for creating a nice, […]