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  • Can You Paint Over Self Etching Primer?
    It’s no secret that self etching primer is one of the best options for sealing up metal and keeping a barrier between bare metal and the moisture that tries to rust the metal! Self Etching Primer also gets a bad rap sometimes because it is particular about what coatings it plays nicely with and which […]
  • Everything You Need to Polish Aluminum Rims
    A mirror polished set of aluminum wheels will make most any vehicle look better and is a common upgrade you can do at home. We often get asked what supplies are needed to polish aluminum wheels yourself. We decided to put together our must-have list of supplies down below. PRE Paint Prep– PRE isn’t a […]
  • How To Find the Color Code in Your Vehicle
    If you’ve ever wanted to repair or repaint your car you will need to find out what the original color code of your car is before you attempt to start a repair. Since early-on most manufacturers have used a number and letter combination that translates into ingredients that a paint shop can use to match […]
  • Eliminate Road Noise and Heat With Sound Deadening for Automobiles
    One of the best ways to make your vehicle more comfortable for long drives is to eliminate external noise and heat from inside the cabin. Even relatively modern cars have rattles and road noise issues that can be annoying when driving long distance. If you have a rattle or a annoying sound that pops up […]
  • Our Favorite Rust Removers For Cars
    Until automobiles are made 100% of plastic there will always be a threat of rust to deteriorate your vehicle. Preventing rust isn’t always a thing you think about until the rust is already present. That is why we decided to show you our favorite ways to remove different types of rust from your car. Read […]
  • What Wire and Shielding Gas When Welding Stainless Steel.
    While stainless steel is made up partly of mild steel it also has other properties in it’s molecular makeup that make it different than just mild steel you find anywhere. Because of that you may need to get special supplies when welding it. Below we cover a few tips for choosing shielding gas and welding […]
  • A Beginners Guide to Cleaning and Polishing Aluminum Wheels
    Aside from shiny paint, a set of polished wheels on your car can make a big difference in its appearance. Even taking a set of dull, factory aluminum mags and cleaning and polishing them will drastically improve the appearance of your ride. We decided to put together a crash course on cleaning and polishing aluminum […]
  • Wipe On Bare Metal Protection
    No one can argue that polished or clean metal on your vehicle can really stand out and make it a head turner. But the downside is that polished or bare metal corrodes and takes a lot of maintenance to keep clean if you actually drive the vehicle. It can be a full time job to […]
  • The Top Tools For Paintless Dent Repair
    Dents in your car can be a big problem and greatly detract from the vehicle. Contrary to popular belief a lot of dents can be repaired without a trip to the body shop and expensive repair bills. We’ve decided to put together our list of top DIY Paintless Dent Repair Tools that will help bring […]
  • Safe Alternatives to Jack Stands
    Jack Stands are a simple concept and haven’t changed a lot over the years. A jack stand is basically a fixed way to hold a vehicle up off of the ground and is supposed to allow for safe work under a car. They do have their downsides and if not setup properly or if you […]