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  • How to Make a Pattern of Complex Shapes
    When restoring or customizing a vehicle it can be difficult to make a patter of a complex or compound shape on the car with simple hand tools. Most vehicles have compound curves that have shape in all directions and can dip and dive and change shape drastically over a short distance. Think of the front […]
  • The Best Way to Measure Surfaces for True Flatness
    Automobiles have a lot of areas that require extremely tight or true tolerances and checking for true flatness is necessary for things like cylinder heads, engine blocks, intake decks, and bearing surfaces. Using your eyeball or an old carpenters level isn’t the best choice if you want a good reading. With a Precise 24 inch […]
  • The ultimate Accessory for Checking Clearances and Run-Out In the Garage
    If you’re doing any type of precision work or checking the run out on an old part you may need something a little more calibrated then standing back and squinting with your eyes. There are some precision tools and measuring devices that you might not have in your garage or workshop that could really step […]
  • How To Organize Your Aerosol Cans
    Aerosol Paints and Chemicals are widely used in most any workspace and it often can be tough to organize your most used cans for easy access. It never fails you always set down that can of PRE on a workbench or on your project car and then can’t find it when you want to use […]
  • The Best Way To Keep Your Tools Organized Under The Car
    If you’re like most of us you’ll have to work under your car at some point and need to slide on a dolly or lay on your back to work on your vehicle. But then it never fails and you always forget a tool or part and have to get up and down numerous times […]
  • Eliminate Pinholes in Body Work Easily!
    Nothing is more frustrating then spending days or weeks working a vehicle with body filler and block sanding your days away only to apply primer and find that tiny little pinholes show up in the surface. We all know that those can’t be left alone and they will show up in paint and clearcoat. This […]
  • The Easiest Way to Hem a Door Skin
    Hemming or folding a door skin edge is a very satisfying part of a repair job but it also can be where a lot of damage can occur to a panel if you aren’t careful. The traditional way of skinning a door or hemming an edge is to use a hammer and dolly and striker […]
  • Easily Remove Hinge Pin with An Air Chisel
    No matter if you’re doing general autobody repair or a full blown bare metal restoration there’s a good chance you may need to separate a door from the body of your vehicle. It is just sometimes easier to have the door on a table, saw horse, or body panel stand for repair. This means you’ll […]
  • Eastwood Interchangeable Metal Forming Kit Makes Metal Fab Easy
    When it comes to metal fabrication you can never have too many tools or accessories to help you get the job done right. It never fails that you’ll get into a pinch where you’ll wish you had another specialized tool to make the metal move quicker or finish out a panel better. We recently found […]
  • Expand Your Skillset with a Soft Lower Bead Roller Die
    A large part of bead rolling is being creative with how you lay out a panel, the process you roll it through the bead roller, and the combination of dies you use. Some of the dies can be interchanged and swapped out to make custom designs and do specialized tasks. A “soft” lower die is […]