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  • How to Paint Brake Calipers
    Brake parts have a tough life, they are possibly the most important part of your vehicle and your safety when driving but they see high heat, brake fluid, and other debris and are hard to keep nice. Painting brake parts with cheap department store spray paint will net you flakey or peeling paint after a […]
  • How To Apply Header And Exhaust Manifold Paint
    Exhaust manifolds and headers are the hottest part of a vehicle and because of that can be the hardest to keep looking good as they tend to rust quickly and ordinary paint won’t last on them. We specialize in under hood and detail paints for over 30 years now and we have the process down […]
  • Top 5 Paint Masking Supplies
    Many don’t realize it but one of the secrets to a perfect paint job is a clean job when masking off the car in the areas that you don’t want paint or where you want a paint break. There’s lots of painting and masking accessories but we have a handful of favorites that we reach […]
  • What is High Solids Clear Coat?
    The best part about top coating a paint job with clear coat is the depth and shininess you get with it. But there are many different types of clear coats on the market and they all have their place. Flow coats, intercoats, european clears, high solids clears what do they do? We often get asked […]
  • How To Test For Coolant Leaks
    Coolant leaks can be difficult to find and only seem to show up when the engine is hot and it’s quite dangerous. If you want to check for coolant leaks the most efficient and safe way we suggest using a Coolant Pressure Testing Kit. The process for checking for leaks using this kit is quite […]
  • How to Seal and Protect the Inside of Your Engine
    A smooth and clean engine inside and out can not only look good but can help with performance. Inside your engine it is normally rough cast and porous from the casting process. Oiling is a big part of your engine’s performance and lifespan so helping the oil get back to the pump as quickly as […]
  • Biodegradable Penetrating Oil for the Home Garage
    Protecting and preserving this beautiful earth for our children and great great grandchildren has become of a concern for many of us and every little thing you can do in your day to day life can make a difference when compounded together! Making eco-friendly choices in your garage can be the first things you can […]
  • How To Fold a Tarp
    Tarps, ratchet straps, and bungee cords can be the most frustrating thing to keep tidy and no matter how hard you try they always seem to end up in a ball in the corner of your garage. Read below as we give you a quick, easy, and tidy way for folding up your tarps. Lay […]
  • How To Plug A Tire With a Leak
    In today’s society we’ve become a little bit spoiled. We can order just about anything we want from our smart phones and call for help most anywhere in the world and have help in little time. But that only seems to work when expected when we aren’t in an emergency situation. Waiting for AAA or […]
  • How to Clean Oil Stains Off Garage Floor
    Nothing can ruin the look of a concrete floor or driveway than dots of oil stains from a leaky car or a spill when doing vehicle maintenance. If you’ve tried to use normal cleaning methods or chemical cleaners you may find they just “push” the stain around but never really remove it. We’ve found that […]