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  • Powder Top Coats Prevent Tarnish
    POWDER TOP COATS PREVENT TARNISH HOW TO PREVENT TARNISH ON SILVER FINISHES Typically, one coat of powder is all that is needed. But, silver powder-coating finishes, including HotCoat’s Argent Silver, Extreme Chrome and New Smoke Chrome need to be top-coated with a clear or translucent finish to protect them from tarnishing. For best durability, topcoat with Gloss Clear, or one […]
  • Fall Car Show and Swap Meet Tips
    SURVIVING THE FALL CAR SHOWS PRO TIPS TO GET THE MOST OUT OF HERSHEY AND CARLISLE As in Mecca, throngs of the faithful make their annual pilgrimage to Central Pennsylvania each fall. Each year since 1953, thousands of antique auto enthusiasts and restorers have flocked to Hershey, Pennsylvania for the National Fall Meet of the Antique […]
  • Powder Coating Process Training
    POWDER COATING 101: AN INTRODUCTION & FAQ WHAT IS POWDER COATING? So you’ve heard of it, but, you’re not quite sure exactly what powder coating is. According to the Powder Coating Institute, “Powder coating is an advanced method of applying a decorative and protective finish to a wide range of materials and products that are […]
  • How to Smooth Rough Exhaust Manifold Castings
    EXHAUST MANIFOLD SMOOTHING KIT CONTENTS OF THE KIT IMPORTANT SAFETY GUIDELINES – Wear eye protection such as our Full Face Mask (13123) or Goggles (43090) at all times when using carbide burrs or abrasive rolls. – Always wear a properly fitting Dust Mask. – It’s better to scrape away old gaskets that may contain asbestos than to use abrasives […]
  • Vibratory Tumbler Troubleshooting Guide
    5LB AND 18LB TUMBLER SYSTEMS PART #20153 AND 20043 Your new Vibratory Tumbler(s) will be useful for a wide variety of finishing operations. The following are a few examples: Removing rust from pieces of hardware without losing details or rounded edges. Removing burrs from hardware and stampings. Polishing difficult to reach surfaces to a high […]
  • Sandpaper Buyers Guide
    EASTWOOD’S SANDPAPER SHOP Eastwood offers an assortment of sandpaper for paint & rust removal, block sanding, and color sanding. Various compositions, backing and grits cover a multitude of uses. This handy chart will link you to each type on the Eastwood page, so you can buy just what you need without a lot of browsing. […]
  • How to Use Infrared Powder and Paint Curing Lamp
    EASTWOOD’S INFRARED POWDER COAT CURING LAMPS Our Infrared Lights will cure parts too large to fit in your oven, or take the place of an oven. Infrared light cures the powder from the outside, without heating the entire piece totally through. Conventional paint, gaskets, or plastic items close to the surface to be cured, or attached […]
  • Interior Rust Spray
    EASTWOOD’S INTERNAL FRAME COATING SPRAY BY ED D OF E-TEK RESTORATIONS Many times during a restoration, I’ve run into situations where, though I know there are methods that can negate rust in various ways, there’s always one area that has eluded the restorer’s best efforts: inside enclosed areas like frame rails, windshield pillars, cross members and […]
  • Lead Free Body Solder Tips and Tricks
    BODY SOLDER APPLICATION GUIDELINES BY JOHN SLOANE, EASTWOOD PRODUCT SPECIALIST Traditional lead-based body solder has been the choice of restorers and customizers for over 80 years for filling seams, leveling uneven body work, and blending-in custom features. Even the best polyester body fillers available today cannot match the superior adhesion, strength and overall durability that body […]
  • Auto Painting Tips and Tricks
    Every Rose has its thorns. Yeah, I’m a disciple of the 80’s… So what! But Brett Michaels got it right. Every paint system has its quirks. There are subtle differences in mixtures, dry times, and other idiosyncrasies that give us a learning curve to be absorbed. Such is also the case with the New Eastwokod Low […]